Welcome to the Community Leadership Training Programme

Develop your ability to be a more effective Leader!
Increase your ability to champion good causes!

Become a Community Champion

Is there a particular cause or issue you are keen to champion within your community? Are you currently championing a cause or issue dear to your heart?  Would you like to develop skills and knowledge that will help you in being a leader / champion?

There are many individuals doing great work to address issues, increase awareness and bring about changes for the better of communities and society at large. In doing so they are often building great skills and experience. However, there are those who are less experienced and would benefit from some training that would help them in leading change and championing a cause. On the other hand, you may simply want to refresh your skills and share your experiences with other like-minded individuals doing similar work.

The Training Programme is aimed at:

  • Existing and potential community leaders in Birmingham
  • The diverse demographic communities of the city
  • Existing Bolder Healthier Champions
  • Existing champions of causes willing to become a community connector, helping to reduce health inequalities that exist throughout Birmingham
  • People from Birmingham wards wanting to support greater community involvement in their area or galvanize a community of interest.

The content of the training will:

  • Increase your capability to interact and communicate information and guidance
  • Help you to build stronger relationships and effective engagement
  • Encourage more mutual aid
  • Deepen understanding of community organising
  • Equip people to lead change in their community.

Programme content and delivery

The programme will be delivered as a set of 8 Modules:

  1. Champions and Leadership – five steps to success
  2.  Community Organisation – what is it and how to do it effectively
  3.  Working Together – Building effective teams, relationships, partnerships and networks
  4.  The power of Story Telling – the importance of case studies and how to develop them
  5.  Power dynamics – how to understand and use it
  6.  Developing Campaigns – how to make plans and put them into practice
  7.  Negotiation Skills – how to negotiate, compromise and achieve goals
  8.  Communicating effectively – using different channels for different people

As an e-learning programme you will be able to work through the modules in your own time, space and pace. Whilst we would recommend the completion of all the modules, you can select the modules of your choice. This e-learning delivery of the training can also be accessed by individuals who attended the in-person training sessions at BVSC but want to reinforce their previous learning.


This training is a collaboration between Birmingham City Council and Birmingham Voluntary Service Council

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Community Organisations

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Power Dynamics

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Developing Campaigns

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Communicating Effectively

Learn to communicate effectively

What our students have to say